1. Following standards of social and disciplined living is what makes us different from animals.
  2. Dreams and hopes are the soul of a life.
  3. Whenever we fail or lose something, dreams and hopes fill our lives with the courage to move on.
  4. Our dreams do not make us preoccupied or absent minded, but resourceful.
  5. Hardships teach us the tactics of successful living and transform us from being victimized to the fittest surviving beings.
  6. Our soul remains captive within our bodies throughout our survival on this earth.
  7. Survival is all about going through challenges one after another or through many assembled together.
  8. We struggle continuously to bring perfection in our personalities, but with every attempt, we get near to imperfection.
  9. People who have a burden on their conscience when they do something wrong, are human beings, others are nothing but animals.
  10. Before following and preaching any religion, we should be good human beings first and should prioritize preaching humanity.Qut