Muse was wearing a light pink frock with floral designs on it. She was searching for something. She stepped forward and saw a garden ahead. The moment, she entered the garden, she was under a spell. The garden’s beauty was so captivating that her mind got free from all her musings. She was no more a serious faced girl, she was laughing, running, singing and playing with the beauty around. The beauty enchanted her. All the rainbow colored flowers, green bedding under the feet, tall fruit trees, blue green waterfalls with peeping washed cliffs, the greenery surrounding her and the overall impression of being in paradise made her forget everything in her life. There was a soft cool wind playing with her hair. The tree leaves were dancing and flowers were singing with her. She was so indulged in the beauty of the nature surrounding her that she was unable to calculate the passing time.

All of a sudden, the scene changed dramatically. In place of light, there was dark. The overall beauty that seemed to inspire her appeared horrifying. The tall and green trees appeared as black shadows chasing her. The wind was too loud and abusive. It was making her unable to stand. The voices that were so pleasant for her were haunting now. She ran here and there in search of some shelter, some refuge, some soul, some companion, but there was no one. She was all alone with everything against her. The wide garden door made up of wood was moving to and fro because of the crashing wind. The trees going wild and the sound of wind were killing. She ran to the garden door, looked behind and with tears in her eyes, she tried to fight with the frightening scene.

She was running, trying to get rid of the ones chasing her. Tears were flowing down her cheeks like water. It started to rain, there was a loud rumble of clouds and falling of harsh lightening from clouds. Seeing the powers around her so overwhelming and powerful, she stopped. She was no more running, crying or asking for mercy. It was as if she allowed the powers to get her and do whatever they want. But, nothing happened. She was running of no one. It was her own internal fear that was haunting her. The nature was not cruel. It was just showing her all its colors.

After sometime, she saw a far off tree circulated with bright light with a bench under it. She walked towards it and after reaching there, she noticed that there was no rain under the tree and the bench was quite dry. She was feeling protected and free of all her haunting threats. She sat on the bench and her eyelids were so heavy that she was unable to stop them from covering her vision. She slept with utmost comfort and peace.