She was sitting on a bench in the corner of the park. There was a huge tree shade above her, which was growing darker with every passing minute. The sun wanted to leave as it was his off time. The wind was traveling to and fro. The nests on the tree were waiting for their owners. She was tired and gloomy. She spent a lot of time to search for her way, but it seemed to move to an unknown place. After her wasted search, she climbed the bench and settled there. She was very much worried and saw things moving here and there to return to their abodes. What a day it was!

She started her day like all other days, but she was destined to be troubled immensely. She moved with all her colleagues in a long and parallel line leaving her abode behind. They were just obeying orders, but were quite enthusiastic.

“Come on boys and girls, we have so much to do today.”

It was the very thought of everybody working. They moved to the nearby ground to assemble their products. The passersby were so amazed to see them working with so much discipline. They were consistent, disciplined and hard working. However, they never took pride in their uniqueness and disciplined approach. For her and all others, the most important aspect was to complete assembling the products as much as they could. She was busy in her work when she felt callous jolts along with firing stones. Her colleagues were also facing the same trouble. All of them tried to take refuge in nearby leafy shelters.

The struggle of taking refuge in different locations parted them in several groups. She was left all alone. The horrifying trouble continued for a long time with abusive laughter and degrading jokes.

She was just hiding under one leafy shelter when she saw a rolling stone moving in the direction of her temporary refuge. She shouted with fright,

“Why don’t you humans leave us alone? Are our lives a joke?”

But her voice was unheard. Her leafy shelter fall on her all of a sudden that made her to run blindly. She was not injured, but very nervous. Her running made her forget her path. She was just nowhere. After getting rid of the trouble, she made herself busy in finding her way, but all her struggles resulted in vain. She was quite far from her working place. Now, she was sitting on the bench remembering all that happened today. Her continuously pondering made her to elect to start her life with a new hope. She climbed down the bench and started searching for her new companions and a new abode as the previous one was lost.