The sun remained facade for hundreds of decades and decades,

Bestowing the creatures with the warmth and energy,

Getting nearer and closer with all its heat.

Along with all its pretentiousness,

It also managed a taunting appearance for all those,

Thankful to it for its benevolence.

Whenever the creatures looked towards it,

Its taunting behavior shunned them to adore it,

They always attempted escape,

Concealing themselves,

Seeking cover from its wrath,

But also expecting it to be munificent.

However, it neared and neared,

Leaving all its pretentiousness,

Endangering the survival of the creatures,

 Uniting with the seas, skies and earth,

Planning against the creatures,

To drag the world back to its desertedness.

This 26 October, 2003 NASA Solar and Hel