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October 2016

The Days of My Childhood


The days of my childhood,

The days of my childhood,

How great were those days!

The days of my childhood.

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Constant Rearrangements


Life needs constant rearrangements.

With disasters, demolitions and bereavements,

The living had to rearrange their lives,

Around the grieves and losses,

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Immigrants of the Country


Come, let’s hold our hands in hands to make such a melancholic chain that cannot be halted even with the restrictions of these skies

Come, immigrants of the country! let’s write such a threnody after hearing of which, our country lords open on us the doors of land of peace

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Our Artificiality


Constant learning, gaining knowledge,

Knowledge polishing our brains,

Bestowing us with all the artificiality—

The knowledge of known and unknown—

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The Vanquisher


It is your thought that I am useless

That I am innocuous and the world is not endangered because of my being

 That I am ineligible to imprint lines with blood for any bordered enmity

It means that I am a coward

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Clumsy Relationships


Living with you for millions of years

To seek support and blood supply,

They remain close clumsily,

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He is no one but God


There is someone who is managing the system of existence,

He is no one but God.

One who cannot be seen, but is seen,

He is no one but God.

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Wherever we live, we are journeying partners

We have to travel the journey of life

Moving towards destinations that undeniably reach us

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