Wherever we live, we are journeying partners

We have to travel the journey of life

Moving towards destinations that undeniably reach us

We are the honor of passages

We have surfed through many skies

We have apportioned the grief of the earth

We have bestowed the world with religion

We are the hope of human continuance

We are the pioneered teachers of humanity

We are the reason of success of ceremonial fervency of love

We are loved even by hatred

We have stepped on the winds

We have created fire from water

We are the seers of the world

We are even grateful to the gods

We have ourselves settled existent cities

We are the reason of conceptualization of death

We are the reason of sustenance of Temples

We are the holders of secrets of Mosques

We have respected the infamies

We are the coverers of modesty and coyness

We have embrangled even the Satan

We have safeguarded even the beliefs

We have won the world wars

We have controlled our dreadfulness

We have taught etiquettes and good manners

We are the proof of human friendship

We have shunned wars and massacres

We are the standard bearers of peace

We have protected the honor of Karbala

We are the ideologists of the ages

We are the poets who are self-sufficient

We are responsible for breakthroughs

We have made the words meaningful

We are the soul of languages

We have opened our eyes in the east

Come World, Come! Enslave us.


Urdu Poem: “Ghulam” by Dr. Waqar Khan

English Translation: “Slaves” by Syedah Maryam Iqbal