It is your thought that I am useless

That I am innocuous and the world is not endangered because of my being

 That I am ineligible to imprint lines with blood for any bordered enmity

It means that I am a coward


I am not a hunter

Why am I incapable to feel pride for the conquered detestation swelled in the eyes of the huntsman?

The powerlessness of the soul of arrow is clear to me that is pressurized to point towards the bird

I am not the murderer of birds


I do not keep the eligibility to instigate turbulence

My script does not generate aggressiveness in people making them to fight

My words lack the fluency to tide dead human bodies to the ocean of hell

It means that I am not an expert in breathing pain in this apathetic age of wastage

I am not a poet


I am so ashamed of imprisoning my breathings within the borders of my body, I am aware of that

How can I be, as follower of Muhammad, drink in the same goblet with those who walk with extreme pride, collocating around their necks a stitched invidious chain of Adam’s lineage

I belong to the community of Muhammad

I do not believe in imprisonment

It means that I am not a vanquisher


Urdu poem: Fateh by Dr. Waqar Khan

English Translation: The Vanquisher by Syedah Maryam Iqbal