When will the earth and sky become one?

When will the divide between love and human hatred (that always forces a human to fall face inverted in contamination and darkness) be irrevocable?

When will the owners of dust, windstorm and morning breeze come to welcome humanity with golden flowers of love on the same track?

When will the foolish friends be able to learn to keep the friendship secrets of their friends?

Will human hobbies abstain from lusty amusement?

When will we pick fruits of perceptiveness and knowledge from trees of realism in this age of blind customs?

When will we understand the need to be only human lowering ourselves from our statuses of highly acclaimed gods?

When will we stop presenting many sweet breads having sesame seeds for donated blessing of the saints at any shrine on Sundays and Wednesdays?

When will we prepare such a chemical, mixing swiftly spreading fire from our behavioral aggression, and whole age of impatience from widely extended soul, and prayer like fresh air from internal light, and sacred vine from tears, that will liberate us from the malice of conventional culture of race and caste?

The same culture for which, we have written dark and pitiless inverted face like paralyzed history from the blood of many generations

This will be the chemical that will astonish every contempt

And then we will see quite contentedly towards this aggressive and gruff earth from the couch situated on the eighth sky somewhat unfazed and with pleasure

Then we will be contented


Urdu Poem Itminaan by Dr. Waqar Khan

English Translation: Contentment by Syedah Maryam Iqbal