The word “bad” is only a word

Then what evil is there, what is this word’s fault?

Is this correct to say it bad?

The darkness of the night, why is it dark?

Why only the night is made dark?

How many secrets have this dark night kept?

And here we are who are unable to keep even God’s secrets——-

The “transgression”, whether it exists or not

People transgress or transgression happens?

Why there is a way to ask for forgiveness after committing an offense?

If you are to offend, accept it

That you have interest and no courage? ———

The “lie” that you tell, but

This lie is made from your shortcomings

This lie that never tells a lie

This lie that hides many bitter truths

This lie that is supportive for your tasks

And here you are who never admit it as your own

All these shortcomings, all these defects, all flaws

Have curtained your impious risqué body.


Urdu poem Aaib by Dr. Waqar Khan

English Translation: Defect by Syedah Maryam Iqbal