The echoing clock has a pillaging brain,

Any efforts to befriend it are not germane,

And end up in rejection, depicting all in vain,

In fact, the clock regards such acts as profane,

As it has many unalterable rules to maintain,

That are all designed to keep us in pain.

Why does it really hold us all in such disdain?


Its tick tock depicts its disapproval for human emotions

It is quite austere in its continuity and notions

It never stops to share and listen to our devotions

We have to tolerate this ruthless tick tock with our heart’s commotions

It watches us dying every minute, every second in portions

It usurps all of our cheerfulness throwing us in oceans

Of despair, distrust, melancholy and demotions.

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I have attempted to waste it trying to challenge its command

But all my struggles ended up in my own wastage that was planned

My collapse brought a smile on the clock’s face that was so grand

It validated that I couldn’t stand as a challenger being from the sand

 It robbed all splendors, all pleasantness, everything from my hand

It is always there to steal from us and we quite misunderstand

Its unfriendliness, its plundering, its haunting tick tock and its command.