A weathered tree lost all of its seeds

They flew away, far faraway,

To lands known and unknown,

Mostly desiring never to return.

The tree stood with all of its remaining courage,

Somewhat rootless, loveless and solitary.

Its branches stooped down intensely,

To search for the lost roots and traces of seeds,

To hug the ground that held it for so long.

It was heartbroken, bleeding and grief-stricken,

Always looking for some hope, some dream to follow,

Then, one day, its search got paid off.

It found out that one of its seeds,

Was growing in its lap unnoticeably,

Extending its roots from the dead roots,

And nourishing a seedling within.

The seed returned for reasons unknown,

But stood as a dream for the crestfallen.

The lifeless, lone searcher started living again,

It collected all its shade, all its shelter, all its hard crust,

For the protection of the dream and the dream within.

Beautiful Tree Gif Animation