Juvenile chain gang in the Maricopa County Jail in Phoenix, AZ

I am an imprisoned being powerless to exercise free will,

Because of chains, shackles and restraints,

Do I need them all?

I am a captive creation unable to exploit my strength,

Because of restrictions, borders and boundaries,

Do I need them all?

I am a chained worldling kept in walled enclosure of skyscrapers,

Because of religion, law and society,

Do I need them all?

The world’s expected continuance needs me confined,

My civilized being needs captivity,

Boundaries ensure my humanity,

Walls guarantee my supremacy.


I am worst than the wildest creations,

I am detestable than the most hideous,

I am my own assassin, my own homicidal,

Slaughterer of my own breed,

Devil of my own soul.

I am a human, a chained creation.