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Frightened, Curious Eyes


It was peeking outside, through the rusted hole,

With its frightened, curious eyes,

The world appeared unexplored to it,

It was unaware of any lurking dangers,

Hunting for the inquisitive souls.

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How can there be a ghost?



Grace, sitting near the window on her bed, was trying to learn an answer from her school book quite late at night. She was around nine or ten years old having a lot of imaginations and fantasies in her head. As it was quite late, she saw all of her siblings sleeping nearby and tried hard to focus on her book. She was studying as her exams were quite near and she developed a habit of studying late at night. Her continuous struggle to focus on the book was repeatedly interrupted by her troublesome mind. She looked up, it was 3 ’o’clock. She tried to move the curtain covering the window a little to peep outside the window.

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What a day it was!


She was sitting on a bench in the corner of the park. There was a huge tree shade above her, which was growing darker with every passing minute. The sun wanted to leave as it was his off time. The wind was traveling to and fro. The nests on the tree were waiting for their owners. She was tired and gloomy. She spent a lot of time to search for her way, but it seemed to move to an unknown place. After her wasted search, she climbed the bench and settled there. She was very much worried and saw things moving here and there to return to their abodes. What a day it was! Continue reading “What a day it was!”



Muse was wearing a light pink frock with floral designs on it. She was searching for something. She stepped forward and saw a garden ahead. The moment, she entered the garden, she was under a spell. The garden’s beauty was so captivating that her mind got free from all her musings. She was no more a serious faced girl, she was laughing, running, singing and playing with the beauty around. The beauty enchanted her. All the rainbow colored flowers, green bedding under the feet, tall fruit trees, blue green waterfalls with peeping washed cliffs, the greenery surrounding her and the overall impression of being in paradise made her forget everything in her life. There was a soft cool wind playing with her hair. The tree leaves were dancing and flowers were singing with her. She was so indulged in the beauty of the nature surrounding her that she was unable to calculate the passing time. Continue reading “Muse”

Simple Aspects of Culture and Society


Culture plays an important role in structuring our personalities. We are able to become what we are because of the culture that we follow. It has a huge impact on our society, our lives and our development.

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