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Frightened, Curious Eyes


It was peeking outside, through the rusted hole,

With its frightened, curious eyes,

The world appeared unexplored to it,

It was unaware of any lurking dangers,

Hunting for the inquisitive souls.

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I am a chained human

Juvenile chain gang in the Maricopa County Jail in Phoenix, AZ

I am an imprisoned being powerless to exercise free will,

Because of chains, shackles and restraints,

Do I need them all?

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The dust, lying down with its head tilted,

In the posture of prostration in front of the Lord,

With only the slab as its pillow,

Attempting to come in union with the constituent,

From which, it was created,

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The Prisoner


He was not killed but imprisoned,

From childhood to maturity.

His imprisonment haunted him,

As the unseen started visiting him.

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A Weathered Tree


A weathered tree lost all of its seeds

They flew away, far faraway,

To lands known and unknown,

Mostly desiring never to return.

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I am also a human,

I also understand the importance of Education,

I also adorn my body with English attire, sit in a tea shop in a pleasure seeking mood chewing dry fruits and taking sips of tea, give very thought provoking lectures about humanity and for the rights of people that are the pulverized, surrendered, weak people, screeching for their rights and get beaten for that in Kashmir, Burma, Palestine, Thar and Saraiki and some more lands, which come on my thinking lips.

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The Echoing Clock


The echoing clock has a pillaging brain,

Any efforts to befriend it are not germane,

And end up in rejection, depicting all in vain,

In fact, the clock regards such acts as profane,

As it has many unalterable rules to maintain,

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Ibreez-A Precious Priceless Thing


He has arrived in the form of a common human being,

Like a timorous, even afraid of shadow and always terrified common human being, in the form of a common human being,

About whom, there were many mythical stories, many anecdotes based on horror, many worlds of frightening gods filled with terrors attached,

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The Martyr’s mother


Sending him to school could be that maddening,

She didn’t realize it until it was all happening,

She had countless sleepless nights battling,

With her decision that resulted in blackening,                  

Her whole universe, her dreams, her gladdening. Continue reading “The Martyr’s mother”

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