Defining one’s own self is the most difficult job still I try. “Know Thyself” is a Greek saying that is randomly used in Plato’s conversations with Socrates. So, in my view, the first mission for every person should be knowing herself or himself. What I have understood about myself is that I am a simple person, believe too much in positiveness, liveliness, struggle, hard work and happiness in life. I have a well-defined ambition about my life and that is to be successful and inspirational.Life is never too easy for anyone and this is a fact that you all will agree, but we should have a fighting instinct and I am a fighter too like all of you.


I am quite passionate to write due to which, I am here. I started this blog to do some creative as well as educational work. I intend to write short stories, novels and other creative writing works. I also intend to review books that I love to read. I am inspired by English as well as Urdu Literature. However, some times I get ample time to work on my writing passion and some times very less. I will try to add more writing pieces for my readers.

I also do freelance writing, help many others in writing, editing, proofreading their written works along with my creative work.

This blog is just in its initial phases and I hope that I will continue to add creative work to inspire and educate. I hope that you will like my work.

Don’t forget to give a feedback for any thing that you like or dislike as this will help me to improve.