Frightened, Curious Eyes

The Masterpiece of Brokenness

I am a chained human


The Prisoner

A Weathered Tree


The Echoing Clock

Ibreez-A Precious Priceless Thing

The Martyr’s mother

Our Inner Self

Desire of Being

When will they be Lessened?


Fading Realities

She was a Woman

Sun’s Communication

O Vengeful Soul!


The Days of My Childhood

Constant Rearrangements

Immigrants of the Country

Our Artificiality

The Vanquisher

Clumsy Relationships

He is no one but God


The Pretentious Sun

Unite against the Schemer

The Generous Tree

Inaya–Light of God

Screaming of Silence

Dream of a Sand Castle

It was once Fragile…

Sandwiched between Hope and Distrust

A Drowning Stone

The Eclipser

A Rolling Stone

The Expert Heart

Deceptive Heart

The Watching Clock

Jeopardized Butterfly

Eyes of Nature

Whispering Sea and Moon…

How can there be a ghost?

Oh Sea!

I want to have Wings

The Confused Home

Dreaming of Peace

A Troubled Soul

My Adored Country

Such an unsympathetic Soul should be out of Reach

Obsessed with the thought of Grief

What we see!

Constant Wait, Maybe

What a day it was!

Luxury of being Alive

Paints in Life

Stubbornness within me

The Sea enslaves the Waves


Abominable Apologies

Night Sky is Dramatic

Nature is Wildly Dramatic

My Eyes Aspire to Admire

Simple Aspects of Culture and Society

Wind That Has Many Powers

The Function of Nature in 18th Century vs. Romantic Period Literature

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